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  • Peyronie's disease &Penile curvature

    Peyronie's disease &
    Penile curvature

    Peyronies is a penile curvature which is created as a result of a build up of plaque (fibrous scar tissue) under the skin of the penis. Up to 15% of men worldwide are affected.

  • Find a Treatment!

    Find a Treatment!

    Clinical studies confirm it:

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    You can treat penis curvature!

Do you suffer from penile curvature?
One of the most common sexual dysfunctions all over the world is the appearance of an abnormal curvature of a penis.

About Penile Curvature

  • About Penile Curvature
  • About Penile Curvature

What is Penis Curvature?

Growth of fibrous plaques or lumps in Peyronie's disease is one of the main reasons of penile curvature. The lump and inflammation cause pain and discomfort as the penis is forcibly bent on one side during erection or flaccid state. This penis curvature creates difficulties during sexual intercourse and in cases of severe bending, it may become almost impossible to have sex.

Penis curvature is one of the most depressing sexual disorders in men. According to an estimate, about 5 -23 percent males in local population suffer from penis curvature. Recently, a study reported 9.2 percent prevalence rate in German males falling under the age groups of 30-80 years. It has been found that Peyronie's disease mainly affects the males in their thirties but can develop across the age group, affecting younger as well as older males. Demographic research statistics on its prevalence indicate that males with Northern European ancestry are more prone to penis curvature, but penile curvature is hardly seen among Asian and African- American males.

Penis curvature hold the potential of eroding the very essence of being a man. Penile curvature is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions all over the world; moreover, it is known to cause other erection problems. Medical studies and trials confirm the strong correlation between curved penis and erection difficulties: up to 80% of men with curved penis suffer from inability to get an erection strong enough for intercourse.

Once your penis develops a curve, automatic or spontaneous solution is not possible. It becomes very crucial to start your penile curvature treatment as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Peyronie's Disease

The signs, symptoms, progression, severity and effective line of treatment of Penis curvature can differ from one man to another. In some males, symptoms can appear overnight while in others, penile curvature may develop slowly over a period of time. A curved penis may cause deep rooted agony and frustration in affected males, leading to low self-esteem and depression.

The follow-up studies reveal that the progression of penis curvature stabilized in about 47 percent males when they honestly followed their treatment. The inflammation subsided, and their penis curvature remained stable. In fact, the symptoms of Penis curvature quickly disappeared in 13 percent males. However, 40 percent males were not so lucky and their conditions deteriorated over time.

Painful Erection

Painful Erection

As already described, Peyronie's disease may involve fibrous plaque formation within the soft tissues of the penis. The lumps or plaques in the penis cause painful inflammation and bending of the penis on erection. The penis loses its normal flexibility and males suffering from penis curvature find it hard to maintain their normal erection and engage in satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Penis curvature is known for substantially painful erections. The plaques normally cause inflammation and bending of the penis, and patients experience very painful erection.

Sexual Dysfunctions

Peyronie's Disease Causes Erectile Dysfunction

It has been observed that inflammation and pain can subside over time, but the penis curvature is not reversed. The curved penis and associated sexual problems and dissatisfaction inflict unbearable physical and emotional suffering to the couples.

Even when males are ready to bear the pain associated with Penis curvature, they can do nothing when plaques block the blood flow creating erectile dysfunction. Such impotencies can be managed by correcting the plaques that prevent blood circulation within the penis to sustain erection.

Do you suffer from penile curvature?
The Peyronie's disease can inflict physical and psychological catastrophe with abnormal shape and severe deformity of the penis, erectile dysfunction, unbearable pain and other sexual complications.

Causes of Penile Curvature

There is no single factor that can be attributed to causing Peyronie's disease, but trauma or injury to the penis is probably the main cause of this disorder. The prevalence of penis curvature is quite high among the males suffering from common health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. It has also been observed that Peyronie's disease is associated with other health complications like Dupuytren's disease, knuckle pads, Ledderhose's disease and Paget's disease. The genetic link of this disease cannot be ruled out as it runs within families, and sons inherit this disorder from their fathers.


The majority of the researchers believe that injury is the main cause of Peyronie's. They think that plaques develop in the penis when internal bleedings occur due to physical injury from hitting or bending.


Penis curvature can also develop due to aging when inflammations due to reduced elasticity of the penis cause permanent bending.


The genetic factors can make some males more susceptible to penis curvature as it has been observed that in some cases penile curvature runs within the family.


Some researchers think that Peyronie's disease is a kind of autoimmune disorder and develops when the antibodies of the affected males attack their cells in the penis.

Side Effects of Medications

The role of side effects of certain medications cannot be ruled out while considering the factors that cause Peyronie's disease. The medications for managing various health conditions carry a wide range of side effects that hold the potential of triggering many health complications. In fact, many medicines have listed penis curvature as one of its side effects. These drugs mainly belong to the group known as beta blockers, which are used to manage blood pressure.

However, there is no evidence and research data to establish that side effects of medications can trigger and develop penis curvature. The chances of any possible link are very rare and therefore, people suffering from blood pressure should consult their physicians before stopping any medications, which have been prescribed to manage their blood pressure.

Causes of Penile Curvature
How to straighten penis? Luckily, there are techniques to treat and prevent penile curvature.

How to Prevent Penile Curvature?

The role of prevention has been greatly recognized by most of the traditional medicines, and the importance of preventive measures cannot be ignored in case of penis curvature or any other disorder. Knowledge about health conditions and Peyronie's disease is the most instrumental factor when it comes to penile curvature correction and prevention or timely identification of symptoms associated with penis curvature in men. You are supposed to keep yourself updated to successfully prevent any complicated disease or health disorder


Stop sleeping on your stomach

Many sex and reproduction experts suggest that men should avoid sleeping on their stomach. Their logic is not clinically confirmed, but they argue that sleeping on the stomach create a compression effect that prevents required blood flow to the penis. Obstruction of blood supply can lead to erectile dysfunction and other sex-related complications including penile curvature.


Try to avoid injury during sex

The experts suggest that you should take care during intercourse because any internal injury to the penis while performing sex can lead to penis curvature. In fact, internal injury to the penis is one of the common causes of this disease. Wild sex with your women on top is considered to be the most common cause of penile fractures. So, make sure to take precautions while giving your women a wild ride in this sex position.


Add Vitamin E to your diet

During some studies, it has been observed that oral administration of vitamin E supplement relieves the complications associated with penis curvature. It's not yet confirmed that vitamin E supplements can prevent Peyronie's disease, and further research is required to study the preventive role of vitamin E. However, there is no harm in adding natural vitamin E supplements to your diet.

How to straighten penis? Penis curvature can be easily prevented by using the Penis straightening device.
It stretches the side of the penis with scar tissue to match up with the other side and prevent penile curvature. The device does wonders in providing a firmer, thicker and longer erection to restore the sexual confidence of shaken males who suffer from penile curvature.

How to Straighten Penis?

Some males recover from inflammation and other complications of Peyronie's disease without any medication or treatment, but most of them require a help to find out how to straighten penis. This may include medications, radiation therapy or surgery to manage their conditions. Unfortunately, modern medications or surgery doesn't provide a cure for penis curvature but address the associated complications to improve the conditions of the patients. However, there are also penis straightening devices that can help you straighten and extend your penis over time. The main line of treatment to manage the Peyronie's disease can be described as follows:

Penis straightening vitamins

Good antioxidants like Vitamin E provide effective protection against fibrosis. Initial studies on the effectiveness of vitamin E in the treatment of penis curvature reported that the administration of Vitamin E significantly improved penile curvature of 28 percent patients, and the fibrous plaque size was reduced in 42 percent patients.

However, recent researches on the role of Vitamin E in the management of penis curvature don't confirm its effectiveness as reported by the earlier studies, but low cost, negligible toxicity and overall health benefits of Vitamin E supplement encourage its use in combination therapy along with other medications to manage Peyronie's disease.

Oral medications like PABA in combination with colchicine and vitamin E is very effective in the treatment of penis curvature during the early stages. These medications are first-line treatments during the initial years when the onset of plaque development is detected, but fail to provide any concrete relief when disease becomes complicated.




Penis straightening injections

If medications don't provide effective control and management of Peyronie's disease, the physicians resort to intralesional injections to directly inject Verapamil, Xiaflex, interferons or steroids.

These medicines are directly injected within the plaque formations that cause penile curvature. Local anesthesia is used before injecting the drugs. A series of six injections is administered with at least one-week gaps between each injection. Injections are quite effective and provide improvements in curved penises of more than 65 percent patients while 80 percent patients benefit from stronger erections. Interferon alpha-2b and verapamil injections produce very good results in penile curvature correction.

However, these injections carry some serious side effects. Steroids like cortisone are known to cause very harmful side effects, including atrophy or death of functional cells.




Penis straightening exercises

Penile straightening exercises are referred to those exercises that are performed using penis stretching devices or using hands to increase the girth or length of your penis. These exercises are often performed by men in order to correct penile curvature.

Penis straightening exercises are easy to perform as it can be done by simply using your hands or penile stretching devices to massage the tissues of your penis. Both the procedure is intended towards stretching the skin and creating micro-tears in the penis tissue which after getting healed makes the penis look longer and straighter.

Penile straightening exercises usually don't possess any side effects. However, on being too rough with your penis can result in experiencing numbness, itching, vein rupture, and penis discoloration.

The positive or negative results of penile straightening exercises will depend upon your consistency and the approach you are sticking with. For example, manual stretching might take more time as compared to stretching devices to show noticeable results.




Penis straightening surgery

There are three surgical procedures, which provide varying levels of success in managing Peyronie's disease:

First surgical option: The fibrous plaques are removed, and penis is restored by grafting veins, skin and other materials from animal organs. This method allows the patients to regain the lost length or girth of their penis. However, some patients lose sensation and erectile function of their penis due to this surgical procedure.

Second surgical option: The penile curvature is corrected by pinching or removing small pieces of tunica albuginea on the side opposite to the plaque formation. The force causing the bending is reduced and the penis becomes straight. The patients face a very low risk of erectile dysfunction or loss of sensation from this procedure, but length or girth of the penis is not resorted.

Third surgical option: In this procedure, a special device is implanted to improve the rigidity of the penis. Some patients get a better response from the device, and their penis is sufficiently straightened by the implant. However, the device can be implanted in combination with the first or second surgical procedures if adequate penile straightening is not achieved by using this option.




Penis straightening device

As you can realize, surgery is not a good option and can only be used as the last resort when other options are not available. The million-dollar question is how to straighten your penis and whether it is possible to stabilize or correct penile curvature and shortening by preventing complications of this disease without surgery?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes! Penis straightening device provides the most impressive results in the treatment of penile curvature associated with Peyronie's disease. In fact, these devices produce a very lasting effect in stabilizing or even reversal of penile bending, and emerged as the most blessed knowledge with unprecedented safety and success.

Penis straightening devices work on the simple yet effective strategy of stretching a flaccid penis for a few hours per day. The splint length allows the addition of metal sections to adjust the level of traction. In due course of time, the persistent stretching force causes elongation of fibrous plaques and promotes healing or remodeling of thickened or damaged tissues. The trick is very effective in managing the complications of penis curvature.

Unlike the hyped natural treatments and alternative supplements, the results of using penile straightening devices has been researched and documented during several clinical trials, and the unprecedented high success rates have established the use of these devices in correcting penile curvature.




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According to scientific studies:
Penis Straightening Device provides unprecedented success in stabilizing and even reversing the conditions of penile curvature and injuries associated with penis curvature.
This is an attractive, economical, safe and natural method of treating penile curvature!

Read more about penis straightening devices

Penile Curvature Correction: Clinical Studies

In September 2002, the results of one clinical trial were presented during the 2nd European Congress of Andrology. The study tried to answer one simple question: "How to straighten a curved penis?" offered evaluation of the effectiveness of Penis Straightening Devices in correcting penile curvature or deformity during erection. In this study, 110 patients suffering from penis curvature during erection due to Peyronie's disease were selected. Their conditions remained unchanged for almost three months before the start of experiment.

Penis straightening devices were used for at least four hours each during the application period of 3 to 6 months and measurements were duly recorded each day (before as well as after the stretching) to evaluate the role of the penile straightening device in penile curvature correction. It was observed that patients benefited from significant improvements in their penile curvature or deformity within three months. The patients successfully completed their treatment without any complications and drop outs. The study report highlighted the use of penis straightening devices and their promising result in correcting penile curvature and helping Peyronie's patients to manage their erectile dysfunction.

Penile Curvature Correction: Clinical Studies

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