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What are Penile Straightening Exercises?

What are Penile Straightening Exercises?
Penis is a vital male sexual organ that plays an important role in ensuring a healthy and pleasurable sex life. Its stiffness and proper erection are of prime importance. Of late, lots of men are complaining of having curved penis or penis not having enough strength to stay erect for long, owing to which such people are taking recourse to penile straightening exercises.

About Exercises for Penis Straightening

These exercises are easy to perform and can be done with a bare minimum or no equipment at all. Penis curvature correction is the leading treatment most people go for as a result of the curved penis. Also known as Peyronie's disease, the problem is not incurable but with proper massage and exercise techniques, this can be tackled to some extent.

Exercises for Peyronie's disease treatment are as follows:


Stretching – Before doing any stretching exercise you need to first warm your penis by covering it with a hot towel to let blood flow smoothly to that area. You need to hold your penis and pull it away from the body and keep it in that position for about 5 minutes. Now hold like this for the same time in all directions upwards sideways and downwards each for 5 minutes.


Milking – This is the best exercise to fix the curvature of the penis. Make an Ok sign using your thumb and forefinger and grab the base of the penis only to move it up to the glans. Avoid ejaculation during this exercise.


Massage – Last but not least, you should not undermine the importance of massage towards the end of all exercises. Massage not only relaxes the muscles but also increases the blood flow to the penis area. Continue doing the same for 15 minutes to relax.

What are Penile Straightening Exercises?

Penile Curvature Treatment

The results of penile straightening exercises are very rewarding to those who have religiously followed the above instructions. The best part of such techniques is that they are low priced and does not burn your pockets.


However, the results of such exercises might vary from person to person. If someone has opted for surgical methods to cure this disease, then it might take 4 to 5 weeks to restore normal sex life but in case of above non-surgical methods, there is no such abstaining from day to day sex life. It goes without saying that results are not as effective and quick as related to surgical methods.

Surgical methods come with their own side effects which are missing in case of exercises for Peyronie's disease. It is seen that 1 out of every 20 men suffer from it and if not cared for in time this can aggravate to a stage where it starts paining during intercourse.




Penile Curvature Treatment


You need to have a lot of patience to actually see the results of exercises for penis curvature correction. Care should be taken that the penis is given enough rest after the required treatment. In other words, you should not masturbate during this period to get the best results of the treatment.

If we talk about safety of penile straightening exercises, we can go on to say that medical science has made a lot of advancement in this field and many exercise programs are concluded with minimal risk factors and side effects. Safest means is to take recourse to natural ways before opting for surgical methods.

In order to see the results of your own efforts, you have to be consistent yet patient.
Belief in the treatment is very important and you should avoid jumping to multiple solutions at the same point of time to make the most of your treatment.

Guarantee and Clinical trails

Unlike any FMCG product that can be purchased in a retail counter, medical treatment dealing with the human body is dynamic and complex. More often than not they do not offer any guarantee post-treatment nor do they offer clinical trials. It is too sensitive and delicate an organ to expose to any clinical trial.

Moneyback Guarantee

Moneyback Guarantee

If you are able to replicate the care provided in medical agencies in their day to day life, chances of failure are less. This does not, however, mean that a ‘no guarantee' is a hopeless situation where treatments aren't permanent and disorders reoccur soon. There is no moneyback guarantee for penile straightening exercises, this means that a user cannot request a refund for the penis straightening exercise program officially.

Post-treatment guidelines are clearly laid down and patients are expected to follow them in order to see permanent penile straightening. For example, if a man has unsafe sex, wear tight undergarments, has sex frequently as against instructed or does not massage regularly then no one on earth can give a guarantee as to having permanent results of any treatment.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials

Results of penile straightening with exercises are not confirmed in any clinical trial. These clinical trials are undertaken when new experiments or tests for new treatments have to be conducted. Given the sensitivity of the treatment and the organ, users usually prefer not to publish their problems and results of penile curvature correction.

You must not rule out the efficacy of these treatments simply because they offer no guarantee and trials as under controlled supervision of medical practitioners one might behave in a different way. Medical field has no control on how and what lifestyle the person maintains after treatments.

The guarantee lies in your own hand. There is no official guarantee for penile curvature correction exercises. If you need a guarantee, you may want to choose other options for penile straightening.

Penile Straightening Exercises: Side effects

Exercises for penile strengthening usually have fewer side effects than surgical methods however no procedure is completely devoid of side effects.


No proper post-treatment

Side effects mainly originate due to reasons when proper post-treatment guidelines are not followed; procedure followed was incorrect, misleading treatments are taken by novice and self-treatments are done without consulting an expert in the field.



The most common type of side effect is an injury caused to the penis during the course of penile straightening exercises if not cared properly or post-treatment guidelines not followed. Injury can result in reversal of all good work done during the treatment hence men have to be very careful. Rigorous rubbing of the penis during the penile curvature correction exercises, following the milking procedure incorrectly, wearing tight underwear with penis tilted to one side are some of the common causes of side effects in this type of penile curvature correction.



Man has to be also careful in choosing the type of application cream or oil he is using for external application. Any lubricant used to smoothen the process of massage should be non-allergic as that part of the body is super sensitive and reacts immediately to any adversity. There is a great chance of allergic reactions, irritation, and redness after performing exercises.



The shaft of the penis gets injured most of the times leading to more damage than benefit. Men are advised to abstain from masturbation after exercises, an injury can occur as a result of over-stimulation if he does it immediately after the treatment without giving proper rest to the penis which it deserves.

The injury causes loss of faith, extreme pain and require to repeat all the steps once again.
No treatment thus is complete in itself unless the person receiving the treatment is proactive enough to take all steps to maintain the good effects of the penile straightening exercises.

How to straighten a penis without exercises?

You should not follow any procedure blindly but weigh the pros and cons of every activity.

If you want quick results and permanent solution than you should ideally opt for penis curvature correction through means other than exercises for penile strengthening. Medical science has advanced and there are lots of devices doctors use to treat the curved penis disorder. Extreme cases may also involve surgery in order to solve the issue permanently.

Out of the many devices available in the market to straighten man's penis, one such device is called a penis straightening device. A penis straightening device embraces the penis by making it stiffer and straighter and a man can actually feel the stretch on the other side of the penis which is not curved.

You must, however, note that penis straightening device is not a cure which happens overnight and you can gradually see the permanent results. One thing to note is while doing this procedure you should avoid wearing tight underwear as this can be harmful.

Exercises for Peyronie's disease are not always the solution hence people take recourse to these penis straightening devices which most of the times are not as scary as they are considered to be. A penile prosthesis is another surgical and non-exercise method where doctor place 2 cylinders inside the penis followed by a small pump inside the scrotum. In this, the actual size of the penis may shrink slightly but you can get cured of curved curvature.

Please also note that surgery can be an expensive affair. This is why we recommend penile straightening device as the best method of Peyronie's disease treatment!

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