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What is Penile Straightening Surgery?

What is Penile Straightening Surgery?
Penile straightening surgery may sound like a dreadful and intense affair and can scare anyone. The surgery itself is considered something of critical nature and involving a lot of complexities and post-surgery complications. The need for penis curvature correction has led many a people to opt for such surgeries which are beneficial but also come with a host of other side effects along with it.

About Surgery for Penis Strengthening

This penile straightening surgery requires extreme precision, focus, and great doctors. The right time for the surgery is when the person is in a stable phase and is both physically and mentally ready for surgery.


The procedure of the surgery involves folding the tunica albuginea on the opposite side of the curve in order to elongate and straighten the penis. The surgeon then does stitching in that area to keep the penis straight through a process which is popularly known as Nesbit procedure.


Surgery for Peyronie's disease treatment is done with extreme care with minimum post-surgery trauma to the patients and as far as possible giving permanent results to the patient. Surgery is followed by post-treatment guidelines which are advised to the patient as if followed regularly can give immense results and minimum hassle to the patient.


In case if someone suffers from severe cases of penile curvature there is another treatment available by the name of plaque incision and grafting under which the surgeon cuts through the actual plaque and fills the skin with what is called as the graft. This graft can be taken from some other part of the human body or some other human or even from an animal. Thus we see that there is no dearth of treatment when it comes to penis curvature correction in medical science but a man must be very careful as to when he opts for such surgeries to be undertaken.

What is Penile Straightening Surgery?

Penile Curvature Treatment

Penile straightening surgery has gained immense popularity nowadays because its results are satisfactory and it has benefitted many people worldwide. Penis curvature correction has become necessarily important for 1 out of 20 men. These surgeries are not for everyone as these are very expensive and also require detailed caring and maintenance. As these surgeries give guaranteed results, therefore, the charges for them are so high. People clearly prove that this has done more good to mankind than harm.


Many people opt for post-surgery care assistance so as to settle things properly. The surgery for Peyronie's disease treatment wouldn't have existed had it not given effective results till now. The mere fact that the number of people opting for this surgery has been on the constant rise is a proof in itself that this surgery is not a gimmick but a thing of substance and of great value to its users.

The craze for the same was mainly seen in western countries but it soon spread to other nations as well where discussions about such sensitive topics were a taboo. People have realized that this is just another human body disorder that needs timely attention and treatment.




Penile Curvature Treatment


Surgeons prescribe a lot of pills and other oral medicine for a speedy recovery after the surgery and minimum pain to the patient. Unfortunately, these pills and medications may cause adverse reactions and side effects.

Apart from that, a person can resume his normal sex life after 5 to 6 weeks of the surgery but he must control his urge for intercourse or masturbation during the recovery period as this can reverse the entire efforts which are put during the surgery.

Non-surgical methods for penis curvature correction can be done by anyone.
Surgical methods can only be opted by people having suitable budget (up to $10 000) and lot of mental and physical strength to withstand any post-surgery trauma.

Guarantee and Clinical trails

Medical science does not offer any guarantee post-treatment neither do they offer any clinical trials but penile straightening surgery is different as it involves a lot of money and a man has to undergo a lot of mental and physical challenge to be able to see this surgery to the end.



The surgeon performing such surgeries has a lot of responsibility on him of not only conducting a smooth surgery but also to take care of what follows post-surgery.

You should think from the point of view of the patient who has paid so much and has also undergone this complicated surgery for Peyronie's disease treatment. He would obviously expect guarantee of results which are not temporary but should be long lasting in nature. This is where the responsibility of the surgeon increases as he is both accountable and also responsible for the actions performed by him on the patient who has not only trusted him with money but also with his life.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials

Any damage or injury to that part of the human body would be like virtual death with life coming to a standstill. Clinical trials often lead to a stronger proof of the concept that the surgery performed or to be performed is of accurate nature and will be effective post its implementation.

Such trails have induced a lot of confidence both in the minds of the doctors as well as the patient. This has reinstated the message loud and clear that such surgeries are not a result of any sudden experiments but a well thought and researched undertaking.

Feel free and opt for such services without any hesitation provided you have enough money to do this. There is only a little chance of major side effects or trauma.

Penile Straightening Surgery: Side effects

Every coin has 2 sides and if anything comes with a host of advantages it also brings along a few side effects and surgical penis curvature correction is no different. Surgery for penile strengthening is very complex in nature and if post-treatment guidelines are not followed effectively than it can lead to greater complications and severe damage.

People worldwide who have undergone this type of surgeries have also commented on a few side effects which some of them have experienced. Following are some of the side effects which have been reported the maximum, out of all the major and minor side effects:


Erection problems

Erection issues tops the chart of side effects experienced by most of the people. The delicate area when operated upon leaves the fragile organ more fragile at times and people have reported having erection problems and sexual dysfunctions for a couple of months.


Loss of sensation

Erection is also often accompanied by a feeling of loss of any sensation around the area which negates the pleasure of a healthy sex life. People experience numbness and absolutely no sensation. No sensation thus leads to loss of erection which ultimately has an adverse effect on the sex life and leaves both the partners craving for more.


Pain during intercourse

During intercourse, while a man thrusts his penis inside the vagina, cases of minor pain has also been reported by patients. Use of lubricants goes a long way in smooth sliding of the penis inside the vagina but this is not a permanent solution. Side effects are inevitable but you can minimize and prevent it to the maximum extent possible.

Chances for side effects are low but there is no harm in staying extra protective.
Unlike non-surgical methods, the side effects of surgical methods are more severe in nature and can lead to greater damage if not cared properly.

How to straighten a penis without surgery?

Surgery, as stated above, is an expensive affair which cannot be afforded by all. However, it does not mean that you should forget your desire to have a strong penis and healthy sex life as the penis can be straightened without surgery!

In the above paragraphs, we have discussed at length how to straighten your penis with surgery. Surgery for penile straightening and penis curvature correction has been talked about in depth and we have seen how a man can avail magic cure with the help of such advancement of science. A doctor might also suggest injecting a particular drug into the penis so as to break down the scar tissue. The common type of drug which most doctors prescribe is Verapamil.

The surgery itself and medications required after the surgery can be too expensive for an average man. It is when other methods of penis straightening comes to your rescue. Out of the many methods available in the market to straighten male penis, one such method is called a penis straightening device.

A penis straightening device embraces the penis making it stiffer and straighter and you can actually feel the stretch on the other side of the penis which is not curved. However, please note that penis straightening device is not a cure that will bring results overnight and you will gradually see the permanent results.

Without surgery for Peyronie's disease treatment, methods of increasing the size of the penis involves the use of devices and a lot of exercises. These exercises are easy to perform and can be done with a bare minimum or no equipment at all. Do not undermine the importance of massage towards the end of all exercises as massage not only relaxes the muscles but also increases the blood flow to the penis area. You can continue doing the same for 15 minutes to relax.

Surgery can be an expensive affair. This is why we recommend penile straightening device as the best method of Peyronie's disease treatment!

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