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What are Penile Straightening Vitamins?

What are Penile Straightening Vitamins?
About 10% of men in the world today are said to suffer from Peyronie's disease. It is a condition where the penis develops a scar due to the plaque that results in bending of the organ. The plaque prevents the growth of cells on one side of the region while the other side of the penis continues to have cell growth. This results in pressure from one end causing the penis to bend. As a result, most affected men suffer pain and struggle during intercourse.

About Penile Straightening Vitamins

The Peyronie's disease is common among middle-aged men. However, in the past few years young and older men too are found to have been affected by penis curvature. When it comes to the treatment of Peyronie's disease there is no set method available across the globe. It largely depends upon the doctor you are consulting and of course the spending capacity of the patient.

If diagnosed early, for instance, and the patients are aware of the symptoms and see the trouble in the initial days of the disease, then doctors usually consider prescribing penile straightening vitamins. A physical examination of the patient confirms Peyronie's disease in most cases.


Usually, physicians consider prescribing the drug that must be taken for months to overcome the effects of the disease. Sometimes doctors also consider prescribing vitamins for Peyronie's disease or some form potassium to treat the scar.


Scientific studies have proven that one of the causes of Peyronie's diseases could be vitamin E deficiency that causes plaque. This makes the tissues hard and brittle studies state. Physicians feel that taking penile straightening vitamins for a prolonged period could reduce the scar thus helping treat the disease.


Vitamin E makes the scar tissue more elastic and stretchable. This has been witnessed by scientists when the nutrient was applied on fresh scabs. Thus, doctors feel that vitamins for Peyronie's disease treatment, when used for a long duration, can have a significant impact on reducing the hardness of the scar.

What are Penile Straightening Vitamins?

Penile Curvature Treatment

Vitamin E is not a single molecule. It is a family of molecules with similar properties like tocopherols and tocotrienols. There are several forms of vitamin E available in the market. The alpha form of tocopherol is labeled as d-alpha while its synthetic form is labeled as dl-alpha. What's appealing is that both these forms have a significant difference in the human body. The synthetic form of the supplement is not accepted by the human body and is considered toxic. Hence, doctors often recommend consuming a natural form of vitamin E for treating Peyronie's disease.


Studies show that vitamins on its own do not have any significant impact on the treatment of Peyronie's disease. They are known to aid the treatment when doctors prescribe the use of a penile straightening device. Vitamins for Peyronie's disease usually help thin the blood, thus preventing clotting on the curved penis and ensuring a free flow of blood to the organ.

At the same time, it softens the hardened tissue and allows the penile straightening device to stretch the organ easily. Overall, doctors feel that prescribing penile straightening vitamins along with penile straightening devices augments the treatment time and improves results.




Penile Curvature Treatment

Cost of Treatment

Another important factor to be noted here is the cost of penile straightening vitamins. In the US the average cost of vitamins for Peyronie's disease is about $6 for 100 tablets which are affordable for patients with a poor financial background. This is the reason why most physicians consider prescribing Vitamin E as the first option to treat Peyronie's disease.

Vitamins that help in curing Peyronie's disease are present in significant proportions in natural products like corn, asparagus, avocados, nuts, grains, goat's milk, chestnuts, carrots, and tomatoes. Therefore, consumption of such products on regular basis can help a lot.

Penile straightening vitamins cannot be used as a sole treatment option when treating Peyronie's disease.
However, the best part is they are cost-effective and can bring promising results when used along with penile straightening devices.

Guarantee and Clinical trails

Unfortunately, there are no clinical trials conducted to understand if penile straightening vitamins can cure Peyronie's disease.

Some physicians prescribe some form of potassium known as para-aminobenzoate. The drug, according to studies helps in improving the oxygen supply to the organ thereby preventing further formation of fibrous tissues in the curved penis. However, this too does not have any notable impact on the penile curvature. On the other hand, a patient must consume 20-24 tablets in a day which could be a cumbersome task. Also, these tablets tend to disturb the patient's digestive system.

Moneyback Guarantee

Moneyback Guarantee

Doctors have often cited that without enough evidence they cannot point out what role could vitamins play in treating Peyronie's disease. At present, physicians are prescribing them based on an assumption that vitamin E deficiency could be a cause for the disease but there is no scientific evidence that links vitamin E deficiency to Peyronie's disease.

As a result, no money-back guarantee can be provided for those who take Vitamin E in order to treat Peyronie's disease.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials

There is no scientific evidence available that vitamins cure Peyronie's disease. They are known to have properties of softening tissues that may have yielded potential results in laboratory conditions. However, it remains a dilemma if they have any impact at all on treating Peyronie's disease on their own.

The only scientific evidence available is about the properties of vitamin E that adds no value to the healthcare provider's decision while prescribing vitamins for Peyronie's disease.

Doctors continue to prescribe vitamins for Peyronie's disease treatment but mostly end up witnessing no major change in the penile curvature correction even after months of treatment.

Penile Straightening Vitamins: Side effects

The best part about penile straightening vitamins is that they do not have harmful effects on the body. Since they are nutrients that the human body requires to maintain overall health they are usually considered safe and healthy for consumption. However, intake of vitamins for Peyronie's disease in large quantities could also have adverse effects on the body.


Vitamins are essential

Doctors state that Vitamin E are essential for a healthy penis. They advise that using crèmes with vitamin E can help men tend to hydration issues. Usually men are ignorant about their penis health and as a result, the lack of moisturization causes a dry or scaly penis. Crèmes with high-end emollients and vitamin E help in moisturizing the penis.


They improve fertility in men

Oral consumption of vitamin E is also known to improve fertility in men. It also improves physical strength and is especially useful for older men who struggle while walking or during physical activities. Further, it is also useful in preventing and treating sunburn. Doctors recommend crèmes with vitamin E and C to prevent sunburn.


Positive effects

Another major use of vitamin E is during the treatment of cancer as during chemotherapy patients suffer from leakage or nerve issues which can be avoided. Penile straightening vitamins are known to have an impact on treating movement disorders, too.


They reduce blood clotting

It is advised to consume penile straightening vitamins as prescribed by the physician. Especially for patients who have comorbidities like cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Regular consumption could reduce blood clotting in the body thus making it difficult to arrest blood flow in case of an injury.

Penile straightening vitamins do not have a significant impact on treating Peyronie's disease.
They, however, help in improving the overall health and can be used for treating other medical issues.

How to straighten a penis without vitamins?

Since there is little evidence to prove that penile straightening vitamins have any impact on treating Peyronie's disease, doctors have found the ideal treatment for this condition.

What are the other options?

Injections and surgeries are some options but they are expensive and patients often face pain and other troubles during such treatment. Penile straightening devices are believed to be the best solution for patients suffering from Peyronie's disease. As these devices are cost-effective and easy to use, it makes them favorable among patients and doctors.

Moreover, the patient does not have to undergo the trauma of surgery or complicated procedures. These devices are easy to use and one can wear them without any hassle and use them while sleeping, exercising, or working.

Another major advantage of penile straightening devices is the lack of side effects. Most other treatments for penis curvature correction have one or many side effects which creates fear among the patients especially between those with comorbidities like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Studies of course state that penile straightening devices can have a better impact when patients consume vitamin E along with them. It helps stretch the curved penis, thus aiding straightening of the organ in an effective manner.

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