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About SizeGenetics™

SizeGenetics™ is based on the well-documented scientific research. Traction devices have been successfully applied in orthopedics and other surgical procedures to stimulate regeneration of new cells to heal burns, broken bones and cover skin defects.

The clinical trials and studies have proven that penis straightening device is a natural solution to correct penile curvature and manage the complications of Peyronie's disease. The user friendly stretching techniques eliminate the need for invasive surgical procedures. The tissues of the penis react to continuous traction and allow the users to gain penis growth and correction through cellular remodeling.

A very gentle stretch is applied to the penis with this sophisticated medical device so that the penile curvature is gradually corrected when bent side responds to match with the other side. Within a few months, your penis grows to become lengthier and straight.

SizeGenetics™ carries Health Certification Mark (CE) and has been classified as a Class 1 Medical Device indicating the operational sophistication of the device in providing a non-invasive treatment of penile curvature without any side effects as seen in conventional medications and surgery. The upper support part has been suitably designed with additional holes to fix the device to any penis type or degree of bending.


Penile Curvature Treatment

SizeGenetics™ is very user friendly. It can be easily attached to or removed from the penis. The device can provide traction during the normal activities of the day like sitting, standing or walking. The uniqueness of the device lies in its discreetness and can be worn without any discomfort.

For effective correction of penile curvature, the users should wear SizeGenetics™ for a total of 2 - 6 hours per day during 3 - 6 months. The device shouldn't be used while sleeping, and the users should avoid continuous stretching. They should take periodical breaks after two hours of recommended stretching.

The Peyronie's and curvature correction treatment consists of 4 periods:

Penile Curvature Treatment

Adaptation period: 15-20 days. You may feel a bit uncomfortable but your penis should get adapt to changes.


Initial period: 1-2 months. You may see first curvature corrections during this period.


Intermediate period: 3rd and 4th month. You will notice up to 20% correction of penile curvature.


Final period: 5-9 months. The result is up to 50% correction of penile curvature caused by Peyronie's disease, injury or innate in relation to the initial situation; you will also notice an increase in length of the penis up to 1.5 cm (0.6") in flaccid and erected state and increase in girth by up to 1 cm (0.4").




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The penis straightening device should be used only during the flaccid state.
The users should consult their physicians before using penis straightening device as they would guide to correctly use the device. Six months is the recommended duration of penile curvature treatment using penis straightening device.

SizeGenetics™ Guarantee

  • SizeGenetics™ Guarantee
  • SizeGenetics™ Guarantee
  • SizeGenetics™ Guarantee
  • SizeGenetics™ Guarantee

The quality certifications and guarantees of a product are the manifestation of manufacturer's concerns towards consumer's doubt and dissatisfaction regarding specific products. The penis straightening device has been approved as Class 1 medical device by the health authorities from the European Union, FDA and National Health Institutes in the United States.

Obviously, SizeGenetics™ meets the safety guidelines and biocompatibility tests under European Union Directive 93/42/EEC for health products. This device is completely free from any harmful side effects from both short as well as long term applications.

The SizeGenetics™ comes with a complete money-back guarantee for 180 days. The users across the world can get their money back if they are not satisfied with the improvements in penis curvature and straightening. This guarantee can be seen as a confidence boost when successful urologists from different parts of the world found the device to be highly effective in correcting penile curvature during their clinical trials, regardless whether the penis bending was caused by injury or Peyronie's disease.

Penis straightening device is guaranteed to correct penile curvature up to 50%.


Urology Department at the University of Torino:

The urology department of Tornio University conducted a clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness of penis straightening device in correcting penile curvature of 40 patients who suffered from varying degrees of penis bending due to Peyronie complications for more than one year. The patients with worse conditions suffered from almost 50 degrees penis curvature.

The main idea of this study was to let men use a penis straightening device for a 6 month period and then see how it corrected their penile curvatures.

The main result: an improvement of up to 30 degrees!

The penis straightening device proved to be highly effective in correcting penile curvature, and patients benefited from about 30 degrees IMPROVEMENT in their penis curvature.

The participating patients in the survey agreed that their penis erection and sex lives had considerably improved by using penis straightening device.

It was observed that the penis straightening device provided a very safe and user friendly natural alternative to invasive procedures of surgery in treating penile curvature and complications of Peyronie's disease.

Urology Department at the University of Torino:
This study demonstrated that penis straightening devices are more effective in reversing penile curvature as compared to conventional treatment.
Interestingly, impressive improvements in penile curvature were observed in patients with advanced conditions of disease when conventional treatments don't provide effective solutions.

Straighten your penis

Whether penis curvature has occurred due to inherited disorder, Peyronie's disease or injury, SizeGenetics™ provides effective reversal of penile curvature and can improve the degree of bending by almost 60 percent.

If any signs or symptoms are indicating the possibility of penile curvature that might put a question mark on your manhood, don't waste your time and proceed straight to the official website of SizeGenetics™ for a lengthier and straighter penis. Whether the purchase is made by credit card or by any other method, confidential data is totally safe. All orders are shipped with discretion to make it impossible to identify the content of our packages. Nor any reference to the product on the outside that may indicate what's inside.


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